Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hacking Trick to Download Torrent

  Hi FRIENDZ....( This is the Latest Hacking Trick to Download  Torrent without Torrent Client)

     An unique online service called Torrent2ExE allows users to download torrents without having to install a torrent client by converting the torrent file into the stand alone Exe file. Using Torrent2exe is very very  simple. Copy the URL of the torrent file or browse to the location of the torrent file in your hard disk to automatically & upload it to their site. Once you done... They have got the URL of the torrent file, they will convert it into a self extracting EXE file...
 you get the option to select the size of the EXE file to be download. Suppose you want to see a movie. What  you will require? A media player and the movie. Now you get two choices.
Firstly, you download the movie and the media player, which needs to be downloaded only once. Subsequent movie downloads do not require you to download the movie player since you have already downloaded ok..
However, if you move to another computer you will need to download the movie player once again. in "small size".
In the second choice, you download the movie along with the media player every time you download a new movie. in "normal size"
After you download the converted EXE file, just run it & it will automatically start downloading the torrent.
stand alone EXE file makes it easier for users  to share files and applications from the Internet. You can publish the EXE files on your site or blog to make the downloads easy for visitors, send EXE files to your friends who don't  bothered about installing with the client.
Torrent2exe is available both as an online service &as well as desktop application 
  So Share it and Enjoy

Epic Browser

 Hi Friends...
                Tecky News : A New Web Browser is developed by an indian for all supports 12 indian languages(including tamil)....when u compared to chromo & mozilla....epic browser is faster & it uses less space....that browser name is can download 
           then its the worlds only browser with antivirus bulit in that browser
so u can use this browser easier and very safe browsing and faster....
The first-ever web browser in india
it has word processor,live Tv backup,1500+more apps
 download epic its free and install in a minute..
Epic(beta edition)
      meet Epic is your new best friend....try it and enjoy

Samsung Galaxy Tab "10.1"

      Hi .... This is latest technology mobile (samsung galaxy10.1) now introduce by samsung company

               samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is an ultimate entertainer,delivering a multimedia tablet experianceathte grandest scale ever! full hd movies,take 8mp photos and play games or surf flash websites on the large"10.1"display and dual surround sound speakers are there & everything runs smoother ,faster and better with the powerful 1ghz dual core processer is installed .&android 3.0,honeycomb platform..
incredibly light weight just 599g only...and smart phone
fully loaded with all  features
samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is an good entertainer andall latest technlogies are introduced & it's always ready to perform....
  1. "10.1" display(1280*800)                                                   
  2. 1GHZ dual core processer
  3. dual surround sound speakers
  4. hd recording & full hd play pack
  5. 8mp AF rear facing &2mp front- facing camera
  6. 599g 0nly
  7. 4g(HSPA+20mbps)
  8. Android 3.0,honeycomb platform
  9. 10.1 flash support full browsing
  10. a-gps(google map navigation -beta)
  11. wifi 802.11b/g/n
  12. google mobile services(google books,g talk videochat,gmail,google calender,google map for mobile,like that etc ...)
This  brings everything will  come to your life with the Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1" & enjoy..