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Nokia launch mobile cycle charger


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                   Tecky News: (This is the latest model mobile cycle charger Introduced by Nokia Company)
The  people of carrying a battery charger with a mobile phone might be soon over as mobile manufacturing giant Nokia has come up with a charging device which can be used to charge batteries during the early morning cycling routine. With the help of this charger which can be mounted on a cycle, the users can also entertain themselves by listening to songs without losing their battery count.

 The announcement was made last year, the product is expected to hit the Indian markets by March 2011. Price at Rs 1,499, the charger works on the principle of tried and tested dynamo based mechanism that has been the de-facto standard for bicycle lights. The charger being a regular charger draws power from the rotating sidewall of the front wheel.

If for instance, the cyclist cycles for 10 minutes at a speed ranging from 6 kmph and 50 kmph, the user will be able to use the phone for 28 minutes. The charger interface also comes with charging point, phone holder and bottle dynamo. A sales representative at Nokia said that the device is targeted at markets like India, and is bound to do excellently well.

The company plans to bring Bicycle accessories including the dynamo charger, by the end of February, latest by March this year.

  Features of Nokia mobile cycle charger 
  • Free and Efficient Charging from Bicycling
  • Reaches efficiency of a normal charger, e.g. corresponds to Nokia Compact Charger AC-3 when speed is 12 km/h
  • Starts and stops charging when bicycle speed is 6 km/h and 50 km/h, respectively
  •  Total charging time varies between devices
  • Reaches efficiency of a normal charger, e.g. corresponds to Nokia Compact Charger AC-3 when speed is 12 km/h
  • Blaster music from the mobile phone while bicycling and charging
  • Install and detach easily with cable ties, nuts and bolts in the sales box
  • Check charging status from the screen of the mobile phone
  • Nokia Bicycle Charger DC-14 resists humidity and dust with double insulation
  • Bottle dynamo has a robust structure
  • A bag protects mobile phone from humidity                       
  • This method is good for health while running bicycle  in the early morning                      
  •   Enjoy !