Sunday, 20 February 2011

Latest Tecknology in Upcoming Iphone 5

              Tecky News: ( Improvements We Can Expect From The Upcoming Iphone 5)

                       iPhone has been one of the most successful mobile phones to date. No matter how many are released, the public seems to be obsessed with purchasing the latest and greatest models. However, as soon as a new version is released, people always start to wonder what is next and when it will be arriving in stores. If you are wondering about what to expect from the upcoming iPhone 5, this article may have the information that you need.Although Apple has remained quiet about what can be expected from their upcoming mobile phone release, there are definitely tons of stories about what can and cannot be expected. Some of these stories have arisen because of information provided by Apple employees, while others have been based on the new patents that have been claimed by Apple.
The upcoming version of the mobile phones should feature a new and improved antenna. For many owners of the current iPhone, the antenna causes dropped calls and poor call quality. Some have also noticed that they do not receive very good reception because of it.
The new antenna should bring about many improvements to your calling experiences. For example, you can expect improved overall call quality, including clearer sounds and less static. There might even be an improvement in the reception that you get as well as a decrease in dropped calls. It should be easier to connect to a number from a variety of locations.There have been some reports that the new version of the mobile phone will offer an unlocked product. This means that you may be able to use the phone with any network that you choose, rather than having a network restriction. New networks may also be joining in and providing iPhones.
If you have not been impressed with the Web connection speed of the latest versions, the upcoming release may have some improvements to offer. It has been rumoured that the latest phone will use a new technology for connecting to the Web, rather than traditional Wi-Fi. However, there has been no final decision yet.
Some people have complained that the current phone models are easy to break and a little too heavy. The upcoming iPhone 5 may improve upon this by replacing the aluminium frame with carbon fibre and by improving the glass that is used. Other improvements that may also be implemented include an improvement to the camera and the video chat app.
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