Saturday, 19 February 2011

   Tecky News: (Latest Model Ferrari (f-450) in this they used many Latest Tecknologies)

Hey if you are planning to buy a new car on this vacation then get ready here is Ferrari release the latest F-450 super luxury model car in market with excellent capacity of engine power with great internal features.
This is the amazing Ferrari F-450 new luxury model car it has fastest running capacity you can easily go for a long drive in this car it is a great model of this new generation. It has stylish shape and design also if you like red color then it is better for you it is available amazing in red color which look more attractive and coolest.
It has great internal functions its seat is smooth you feel comfortable its door is also very stunning look great it has minimum four people seating capacity. The new Ferrari F-450 is the trendy design great car model its wheel has hybrid units also very stylish and attractive.
This is the fastest running top most excellent model car it has a double-clutch seven-speed transaxle gearbox, also it has deferral as well as an upgraded edition of the Scuderia’s toehold control.
I really like this great car it is best for long drive I like to go with my friends for long drive this is such a great offer of Ferrari F-450 model car.....hahaa....


Dell Streak Tablet

 Tecky News : Latest Model Mobile Tecknology(Dell Streak Tablet will  Soon Debut on  At &t)

                  Dell Tablet Called  as the Mini 5 or the Streak, the new Dell tablet is looking at coming out soon on AT&T in the late summer. However, this new tablet will debut first in Europe rather than in the United States.
With a size of a Sony PlayStation, this portable Streak can be an iPad competitor with its 5-inch capacitive display screen, a 5MP camera at the back, a separate front-facing camera that can be used for video conferencing, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, WiFi and 3G connectivity and Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor.
This tablet will run on the latest Google Android operating system version 2.0 or higher. Also, Dell offers that this tablet can make calls via a SIM card option.
No price details and exact availability date has been announced for the Dell Streak, so check back again for
more informations..

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Tecky News:
                Device driver is a program that acts as link between your computer’s operating system, and any software or hardware programs that you are trying to connect to and run. For example when you install a printer onto your computer, the device driver will act as an intermediary between it and your operating system, and will interpret routines and commands and send them through to activate the device.
Drivers are a vital part of modern computers, as without them operating systems would have to be created that could interpret and run all the different kinds of devices available. Drivers mean that computer designers can instead build a simple set of standard device commands into operating systems, which can then be translated by the relevant driver to run any kind of software or hardware device.
Many devices and software applications come with their own driver programs, usually on a CD disk, which is run as part of the installation process and will update existing drivers to support the new applications. You may sometimes need to update drivers manually, and until this is done you will not be able to use the device on your system, as it will not be compatible. You can usually access free driver updates from the device’s official website, or update existing drivers like graphics and video cards from websites such as It is important to update drivers regularly as manufacturers are constantly bringing out improved versions and upgrades, which have additional features and also remove bugs and errors from previous versions.
It is also important to delete obsolete drivers from your system to improve system performance, stability and functionality, and you can download free driver scans online, like this websites


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