Saturday, 19 February 2011


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                Device driver is a program that acts as link between your computer’s operating system, and any software or hardware programs that you are trying to connect to and run. For example when you install a printer onto your computer, the device driver will act as an intermediary between it and your operating system, and will interpret routines and commands and send them through to activate the device.
Drivers are a vital part of modern computers, as without them operating systems would have to be created that could interpret and run all the different kinds of devices available. Drivers mean that computer designers can instead build a simple set of standard device commands into operating systems, which can then be translated by the relevant driver to run any kind of software or hardware device.
Many devices and software applications come with their own driver programs, usually on a CD disk, which is run as part of the installation process and will update existing drivers to support the new applications. You may sometimes need to update drivers manually, and until this is done you will not be able to use the device on your system, as it will not be compatible. You can usually access free driver updates from the device’s official website, or update existing drivers like graphics and video cards from websites such as It is important to update drivers regularly as manufacturers are constantly bringing out improved versions and upgrades, which have additional features and also remove bugs and errors from previous versions.
It is also important to delete obsolete drivers from your system to improve system performance, stability and functionality, and you can download free driver scans online, like this websites


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