Saturday, 19 February 2011

   Tecky News: (Latest Model Ferrari (f-450) in this they used many Latest Tecknologies)

Hey if you are planning to buy a new car on this vacation then get ready here is Ferrari release the latest F-450 super luxury model car in market with excellent capacity of engine power with great internal features.
This is the amazing Ferrari F-450 new luxury model car it has fastest running capacity you can easily go for a long drive in this car it is a great model of this new generation. It has stylish shape and design also if you like red color then it is better for you it is available amazing in red color which look more attractive and coolest.
It has great internal functions its seat is smooth you feel comfortable its door is also very stunning look great it has minimum four people seating capacity. The new Ferrari F-450 is the trendy design great car model its wheel has hybrid units also very stylish and attractive.
This is the fastest running top most excellent model car it has a double-clutch seven-speed transaxle gearbox, also it has deferral as well as an upgraded edition of the Scuderia’s toehold control.
I really like this great car it is best for long drive I like to go with my friends for long drive this is such a great offer of Ferrari F-450 model car.....hahaa....


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