Wednesday, 16 February 2011

HP MINI 5102

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(HP MINI LAPTOP 5102) Latest Technology Has Been Used In This Laptop By Hp Company.Hp mini 5102 may have better specifications than its predecessor, but that fact alone does not always equate to better user experience.

In this case, however, the notebook’s performance reflects its upgrade; it is what we can expect from a 1.66GHZ Dual-Core Intel Atom N550 processor. The 5102 carries a 10.1 TFT active matrix inch screen which supports a rich 1366 x 768 pixel display.Most of the netbooks are especially unpopular due to their downgraded touchscreen versions, but the capacitive touchable screen of this HP mini version is advanced according to other products

Succeeding the previous Mini 5101 model, this one repeats many of the older beneficial features such as the net book continues to come equipped with a 7200RPM 160GB Serial ATA – 300 hard drive or a speedy solid-shaped disk.

HP has also introduced a new advanced chip in this netbook model which pushes the performance of the system to a new level, ensuing with a lower battery life of almost 15 minutes. This netbook is available for around $427 in various stores worldwide.

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