Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Latest Method to Hack by using Mobile phone Nokia 1100

Hi..... This is an Easy Way to Make Money by Hacking using Nokia 1100
 Yes i have an idea... if you are a hacker and you are willing to get rich without work.
The Nokia 1100 is a new weapon of choice in the electronic arsenal. A bug in a firmware can make the phone sniff SMS messages.
Many European banks use one-time password identification keys for online transactions. Usually the owner receives an unique SMS with validation key.
The Nokia 1100 with the exploit installed can sniff this keys and give them to you for free, along with other priceless information. This way anyone with this phone can have access once to your bank account.
If any Nokia 1100 can do that, than my account isn’t safe at all. try it.....   hahaa....

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